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Robur Gas Unit Heaters

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Robur Gas Unit Heaters:
More than 190,000 Robur gas heaters have been installed in Europe.They are ideal for industrial and commercial premises and workshops, gyms and fitness centres, warehouses and storage facilities, laboratories, commercial and trading areas, tennis courts, bowling alleys and greenhouses.
High efficiency without thermal inertia The Robur air to air heat exchanger ensures extremely high efficiency. The Robur system avoids the need to install costly water pipeline which is not only expensive to install, but is also a source of heat loss.With a modular Robur installation, within 30 minutes even the largest spaces are warmed. 

The Heat Exchanger is designed with double vertical and horizontal finning, increasing internal and external heat exchanger surface. Made out of a special aluminium die-cast alloy (its high thermal conductivity is 10 times higher than steel) it allows a more homogeneous temperature on exchanger surfaces with optimal distribution. The large heat exchanger surface and the absence of high temperature areas avoid the carbonization of atmospheric dust, ensuring a perfect environmental comfort.

Robur heaters allow users to reduce consumption and heat stratification problems. Its secret is the heat exchanger - the real heart of Robur unit heaters - which splits the air flow into different layers having different temperatures: lower temperature in the higher levels and vice versa higher temperature in the lower levels. This result in the hotter lower air being kept down by the cooler higher air. Thus the different temperatures within the air-throw ensure a complete air mixing, thus reducing the temperature gradient between floor and ceiling. This exclusive Robur Ground Effect allows users to reduce consumption and great stratification, with energy saving up to 22%. Total safety in operation and reliability with intrinsic the safety of the Robur heaters. When installed in the balanced flue mode optimum safety is achieved by only taking fresh combustion air into the appliance, thus ensuring no reduction in oxygen levels in the area being heated. Also all products of combustion are exhausted outdoors. A high level of reliability is achieved by two exclusive technical features: • a completely weld free combustion chamber resulting in extremely low levels of mechanical stress; • the use of only the highest quality components. No central heating plant, and lower installation costs Robur heaters are installed directly in the room to be heated and do not require a central heating plant or any other additional building costs. Also given the suspended nature of the installation, precious floor area is kept free. Ease of installation as each unit is supplied with installation template which greatly simplifies the units installation. The three simple steps: a hole in the wall for the inlet air supply and outlet of exhausted gas, connection to the gas supply and to the electricity supply.

  • No Central Heating Plant
  • Modularity and Autonomy – Heat only where and when needed
  • Ease of Installation
  • High efficiency without thermal inertia
  • Total safety in operation and reliability
  • Wide range of models and outputs
  • Indoor and outdoor models available
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