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Columban Missionaires

During March 2015, the mechanical renovation of the Irish Missionaries Union Institute in Dagan Park, Navan was completed, commissioned and handed over to the client the Columban Missionaries.

The project required the replacement of the complete Mechanical Installation and a full boiler house refurbishment. 
A new packaged plantroom concept was deemed to be the most cost effective solution. The central plant replacement was 1.4mW of boiler power plus all associated circuit distribution, pressurization units and expansion equipment.

In a bid to ensure the replacement plant was matched correctly to the actual demand a data logger was installed to record the building actual load for an 18 month period prior to the new installation. This profiling enabled the mechanical contractor to produce a detailed report stating their projected performance of the entire building. 

The mechanical contractor was also able to demonstrate to their client, the actual savings on the running costs and the clearly improved comfort levels achieved throughout the building since installing the new high efficient plantroom.

The installed replacement plant was selected from the De Dietrich commercial range, utilizing 6 no. C230 ECO 217kW floor standing, condensing boilers c/w the Jeremias Flue System and circulators, pressurization units and boosters selected from the Wilo range. Plant selection was driven by the clients demand to ensure modern, efficient and condensing equipment was utilized but also the site requirement to temporarily use LPG prior to the availability of natural gas as the main fuel source. This allowed temporary operation on LPG while awaiting a permanent natural gas supply on site. HEVAC Ltd.’s range of ECO C230 gas condensing boilers can provide a large range of outputs varying between 18kW – 217kW with an annual operating efficiency up to 109%, this is achieved through the use of pre-mix gas modulating burners that are incorporated in the boiler unit.

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