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Oliver Plunketts Hospital

On May 27th 2014 Hevac Limited delivered their latest packaged plant room from Hevac’s commercial & industrial division. The bespoke packaged plant room was designed, coordinated and fabricated by the Hevac engineers and fabricators.

Due to the tight deadline for this particular project, an offsite plant room production was the best solution allowing full store fit out to take place in tandem with outsourced plant room fabrication.

Following a principal design stage agreement and detail agreement by the client, the consultant and the package plant room (PPR) team, the packaged plant room went into full production. The 8 week process from sign off to site delivery is something that could not have be achieved on a normal construction site.

Aaron Brogan, Hevac PPR design engineer commented, “This is one of several packaged plant rooms we have supplied into the market and are delighted to be expanding our value product offering to the industry from design through to commissioning”.

Hevac have the ability to offer full design, fabrication and delivery of packaged plant rooms nationwide. We have fully qualified, experienced engineers and auto-cad technicians who can design & generate bespoke CAD construction drawings and schematics for your approval prior to the commencement of construction.

  • Double skin panel Kingspan wall construction.
  • Double louvered steel door.
  • External dimensions of 5m x 2.5m.
  • Built on a galvanized u-section.
  • Goose wing grey in colour complete with external guttering
  • Wall hung De Dietrich MCA 115 gas condensing modulating boilers.
  • Boilers are Triple-E registered with SEAI and have an annual operating efficiency of 110%.
  • Low pollutant emissions.
  • DUOMO Gas Detection system
  • Air & dirt separator
  • Wilo circulating pumps
  • Wilo Pressurisation units
  • A.O Smith gas condensing water heaters.
  • De Dietrich MCA 115 Boilers & cascade system
  • Goose wing grey packaged plant room.
  • External guttering

Please download our case study brochure for St.Oliver Plunketts Hospital here.........

Futher details available in our Brand Section or send an enquiry to our Sales Engineer:  Paul Devereux