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Ozone Generators

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Ozone has long been used within industry for a variety of cleaning and sanitation applications. Hevac offer an entire series of Airmaid ozone generators.  The Airmaid is one of the most innovative air treatment system on the market. Using a unique discharge cell, the Corona Glass Cell (CGC), the Airmaid safely produces ozone in very demanding environments and yet requires very little maintenance.


Hevac offer Ozone Generators for the following;


  • Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants - The V-series is specially designed for restaurants and industrial kitchens where the requirements for grease and odour elimination are very high. Ozone also kills the bacteria which easily grows in grease, further improving the efficiency of the cleaning process.  AirMaid V is equipped with the unique Corona Glass Cell, which is nearly maintenance-free. By its continuous and effective cleaning of the exhaust ducts AirMaid makes it possible to effectively lower the duct cleaning costs. AirMaid also makes it possible to recover the heat energy in the exhaust ducts thereby reducing costs even more.


  • Small Spaces - AirMaid W is a mobile unit which can be easily used in small spaces. Thanks to its design, AirMaid W is user-friendly and cleans odours from waste, food, smoke, mould, paint etc. with ease. Bacteria and viruses in the air are also reduced.


  • Treatment Plants and Pump Stations - The T-series has been designed in close collaboration with municipalities and companies that wish to minimise the health risks and odours near pumping stations, cleaning plants and water & sewage systems. Harmful gases, such as hydrogen sulfide formed in waste water, is dangerous and directly associated with health risks. Thanks to AirMaid T, these gases can be effectively neutralised. Chemical decontamination using ozone has among its greatest benefits that of odour elimination, greatly benefitting those working or living close to the facilities. AirMaid T is also available in a portable version where the ozone production can be customised according to the specific need.


  • Waste Compactors / Stores - AirMaid C is designed for effective elimination of odours, gases and bacteria formed by organic waste in and around a compactor. Using ozone for treating organic waste is cost-effective, environmentally friendly and very safe. Ozone quickly breaks down gases and bacteria molecules that cause odours without creating harmful by-products. The advantages of AirMaid are significant when compared to the alternatives of refrigerating the waste or by using chemical solutions.
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