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Innovative Air Treatment

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Ozone has long been used within industry for a variety of cleaning and sanitation applications. Hevac offer an entire series of ozone generators selling under the trademark Airmaid.  The Airmaid is one of the most innovative air treatment system on the market. Using a unique discharge cell, the Corona Glass Cell (CGC), the Airmaid safely produce ozone in very demanding environments and yet requires very little maintenance.


Hevac offer Ozone Generators for the following;

  • Commercial Kitchens and Restaurants
  • Small Spaces
  • Cleaning Plants and Pump Stations
  • Waste Compactors


Natural and Effective Cleaning

Ozone is a naturally occurring gas in nature, a simple molecule consisting of three oxygen atoms. It is a natural, colourless or light blue gas with a characteristic smell. The smell, which resembles that of chlorine, can be noticed during passing thunderstorms because ozone is formed by the atmospheric electrical discharges we call “lightning.”


Areas of Application

Ozone has been used in industrial applications for a long time and its uses are many:

  • Preparation of medicines and synthetic lubricants.
  • Bleaching of paper pulp and textile goods.
  • Air and water disinfection. Ozone kills mould spores, bacteria and microorganisms. In many places around the world ozone is used instead of chlorine for purifying municipal drinking water. Ozone does not form any chloride compounds and does not leave traces in the water after the cleaning process.
  • Laundry disinfection in hospitals, care institutions and the food industry.
  • Killing bacteria, yeast, mould and insects in foodstuffs and grain stocks.
  • Odour elimination in smoke-damaged furniture.
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