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Duomo is recognised within the gas industry for providing a comprehensive range of low cost, high reliability gas detection for many applications. They have installed and commissioned natural gas and carbon monoxide sensors in applications such as boiler rooms, kitchens, car parks, aircraft hangers, factories and shopping centres.

The G161 Safestart is a pipework integrity system for kitchens and laboratories that checks all downstream pipework is secure before initiating the gas supply.

The G161 is supplied as a complete kit with a control panel; either the KS22 - V6 or KS23 - V6. It is important to recognise the differences between these when ordering a G161, to get the most appropriate control panel for your application. These controls can be interfaced with fire alarm systems to either raise an alarm at the fire alarm or isolate the gas valve under the control of the fire alarm.

KS22 - V6 Trio Safestart
This controller is used in kitchens and food technology classrooms. It has a unique touch control pad which is backlit for operation in dark environments. To start the proving system, the user must enter a password, programmable by the user at the time of set up. The proving sequence will then begin, and should it fail, the KS22 will display the type of failure (either Air or Gas). An audible notification is also provided to draw attention to this failure.

KS22 - V6 can be interlocked with extract and/or supply fans to prove ventilation before initiating the gas supply (see FP45 Current Monitors or ADP10 Air Pressure Switches).

KS23 - V6 Trio Labstart
This controller is for use in science laboratories, to control the flow of both gas and water. As with the KS22 - V6, it features a unique touch control pad. It also allows the isolation of individual services (i.e. power, water and gas) therefore allowing the user to initiate only those services required into the laboratory. 

The Labstart has an optional timed shutdown. The unit can automatically turn off after a given time period in 1 hour increments.

Both the KS22 and KS23 have a power saving function to reduce energy costs when the system is not in a run condition. The timed power-off can be selected at setup during the programming stage. All features (including password selection) for setup are detailed step-by-step in the datasheets supplied with these controllers.

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