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Air Dirt Seperator

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Fabricated Products manufacture two ranges of Microbubble Air & Dirt Separators. The CleanVent range and the MagVent range for the removal of Air, Dirt, Magnetite and Sludge. Fabricated Products also manufacture Chemical Dosing Pots, Water Sample Coolers, Buffer Vessels and Hydronic Headers. 

Modern boilers have very low water content, making them vulnerable to accumulated deposits (dirt) causing boiler failure. The main reason for appliance breakdown is this dirty water. The water that circulates around any heating (or cooling) system will be contaminated with a variety of damaging debris, including magnetite (which turns to sludge).

Such contamination is always damaging to a heating/cooling system, but to the latest generation of high-output, low water-content appliances, dirty water is a major hazard. System cleansing and water treatment is now very vital and necessary to the welfare and prolonged existence of the boiler/chiller plant.

Air Separation & Air and Dirt Separation:
Both these units must be installed at the hottest part of the system (before the pumps). In a heating system this is the main flow from the boilers. In a chilled water system the unit must be located in the return close to the chiller.

Dirt Separation only:
his unit should be installed in the return pipework before the flow of water enters any plant (boilers, pumps, etc.). There is no head restriction on this unit. The maximum flow rates through the SS range of MagVent & CleanVent is 3m/sec. If these values are exceeded the efficiency is reduced.

The SS CleanVent and SS MagVent require no special commissioning. All units are fitted with a 3 way valve under the auto air vent valve, which should be used when initially filling the system. The same valve is used for draining off floating “scum” that prevents the possibility of dirt clogging the air vent. Maintenance will be required to remove trapped dirt and sludge.

  • All flanges are drilled to BS 4504 PN16 as standard. Plain ends and other flange ratings are available on request. The SS CleanVent unit is maintenance free.
  • Drain Valve, all models are supplied with a ball valve for draining the collected dirt and sludge.


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